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good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us. san francisco police are investigating a crash that occurred late last night leaving two people dead at the scene, three others are in critical condition this morning. it happened around 10:30 last night near the send end of lake merced. police say a gray two-door honda crashed over into oncoming traffic and was broadsided by a white toyota. two men died at the scene. three people in the toyota are in critical condition. police can't say yet what caused the honda's driver to veer off course. the word censored that has the phrase adult services on craigslist this morning. amy hollyfield reports. >> those who have pressured
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craigslist are now full of praise. >> over a number of years we have persuaded craigslist to take action eliminating prostitution ads. it has donl the right thing now by shutting down the adult services section. >> the word censored appears where the adult services section was but melissa with prosecution research and education points out ads for sex are still there. >> you look at their website, you'll see they are now on casual encounterers. >> we clicked on and found persons offering sex. >> they are facilitating the buying and selling and marketing of the most vulnerable people in our culture, people in prostitution. >> they have not responded to questions about the new censored icon. we didn't find the company's
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founder hanging out is at his favorite cafe but his neighbors are quick to defend him. >> he and craigslist have done so much good for the world. some attorney general somewhere wants to trash craigslist, it's really not right. >> some people in the sex industry lies go craigslist will push many women back to the streets. some prostitutes say they get 10-15% of their business through craigslist. analysts believe the sex ads bring in about $36 million for the company. but to melissa, it shouldn't be about money. >> this is a human rights violation. it's violence against women. >> the founder posted a statement on twitter page thanking everyone for their support. a representative says they will be issuing a statement at a later time. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." this morning, hercules police are back searching a
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pittsburg landfill. they are looking for evidence in a bizarre killing spree. the they suspect a missing man whose body may have windy up at the landfill could be a fifth murder victim. lisa amin gulezian reports that they have found no sign of the man since abandoning an suv. >> there is a lot of debris here. >> sifting through one acre of land and 3,000 tons of trash is taking days. the landfill is the hercules police department's strongest lead. >> you are looking for frederick sales here. >> frederick sales is still missing. his father was found bludgeoned to death inside this home on saturday. this is the last time anyone saw frederick. the owner of the home is cindy trand she is valdemoro's
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girlfriend and she is dead, too. police also think valdemoro strangled his girlfriend before he was shot to death in a confrontation with police tuesday night. >> now four days later, investigators still need answers. they are hoping to find them here. 15 search and rescue volunteers and one dog is sifting through debris inch by inch. >> you have to search small areas at one time with the dog it's difficult because there are very many different scents. >> the only other place they have to turn is here. the solano county lockup it's where charles rittenhouse is. he used to stay with them. vallejo police found allen and
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her frent friend dead. rit tenhouse, his attorney says, isn't involved with the in zblurdz i have reason to believe that the bodies were put there. >> the reason police came to the landfill because the car valdemoro was last seen driving belonged to allen was dumped at shopping center. he used to work at the same center and all the trash from that center comes to this landfill. >> n.t.s.b. investigators are examining the wreckage of a small plane that crashed into a lagoon near san carlos airport on thursday. that plane was brought to shore on friday evening and the bodies of two victims were still inside the aircraft. the bodies of a third victim was recovered on thursday.
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the n.t.s.b. says the flight controls on the small plane were in the correct position. >> the in a closer investigation on some flight controls put on a truck and do an examination. >> investigators don't expect to release a final report on the case of the crash for at least six to nine months. >> former fairfield city councilman was the inspiration for a gun buy back yesterday. fairfield police gave hundred dollar gift cards for anyone who turned into a weapon. the buy back celebrates the memory of matt garcia who was shot no death in front of a friend's home on labor day weekend. garcia's parents came to support the drive. >> it's about getting the unwanted guns not getting into the wrong hands and tell people
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about it. >> he was shot by drug dealers in what police call a case of mistaken identity. one of two men convicted in his murder was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison. >> christian conservatives spent yesterday praying and fasting in front of the state capital in sacramento. they called it a call to conscience. it was a rally against gay marriage, pornography and abortion. they call it immoral laws being passed in sacramento. they want traditional marriage restored. proposition 8 approved by 58% of california voters out allowed same sex unification but the ban was ruled unconstitutional. >> today is the first gay pride celebration in oakland since 2004 with funding provided by the port of oakland. today is designated oakland
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pride day by a resolution passed by the city council. festivities are going to be held in oakland's uptown district from noon to 6:00. there be a diverse line-up of entertainment and food and a variety of exhibits will be part of the fun. the, long term purpose of the event is to educate and make quality awareness and human rights in the community. >> coming up next, insurgents strike a military base in baghdad killing at least a dozen less an weak after the u.s. ended official combat operations. >> some midterm elections are just around the corner and president obama is getting ready
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in world news at least a dozen people are dead, 21 wounded in baghdad after a group of suicide bombers attacked a military headquarters building. first attacker drove a car packed with explosives which he detonated at a checkpoint. other attackers jumped out of a minibus and exchanged gunfire with guards. iraqi government says two suicide bombers managed to make it inside an abandoned building where they were killed in a shat there are report seeing more than a dozen bodies being
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carried out. >> also this morning, tony blair is discussing his role in his decision to invade iraq and remove saddam hussein from power. anti-war protestors clashed with police at a book signing for the former prime minister's memoir titled "tony blair a journey." he stood firm on his decision to support president bush and invade iraq after 3,000 civilians died at the hands of islamic empty treexists. >> if they could have killed 30,000 they would have. what i understood less clearly was how deep this movement is. >> he says he believes western countries still have not fully weighed the potential consequences of waging war against the islamic world. the campaign season is about to go into overdrive with
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president obama hitting the trail this week. just two months before election day, 15 million americans are out of work making the economy the dominant factor with voters about to decide the balance of power in washington. >> the venue... and the message is aimed at helping the economy but also democrat candidates. russ feingold is in trouble and ted strickland, polls favor republicans for congress by a margin of six percentage points. >> there are races where you have democrat incumbents down 10 11 points. people are angry but not having jobs. >> that is playing right in to republican hands. >> i believe washington is crushing us. >> this a vote for republicans
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or just against democrats? >> if republicans win can control of congress it's because voters are voting against democrats. >> experts believe they are in track to regain house and with high profile democrats in races, republicans could make a run for the senate, too. feeling that wave, mr. obama has little choice to blame his predecessor. >> if the economy was a card and they drove it into the ditch, these guys come and tap us on the shoulder, we want the keys back. [ laughter ] >> you can't have the keys back. you didn't mow how to drive. >> a message that doesn't appear to be working. >> that effort has failed. president can continue to work at trying to show voters they need more time. that is what ronald reagan did in 1982.
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they haven't got traction in that argument. >> will the president adjust the message. we start out tomorrow starting in wisconsin and mr. obama holds a news conference on friday. >> just in time for the labor day weekend, nice weather. >> summer-like weather. you can see some of the haze and fog out there. we'll be back with the forecast next. >> and also next, a giant come back, a ninth inning rally against the dodgers pulls the giants closer to the padres. mike
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. we have do you have barbecue plans for tomorrow? >> weather is going to cooperate. it's going to be a warm one, even a beach day. still a little bit of fog. there hasn't been much this morning because the winds have kicked up in the higher elevations. they are out of north and fog is less, just patchy. this is a view from mount tamalpais. temperatures, wide ranging. feeling like fall. 49 an hour ago in santa rosa with low 60s in san jose. it was a cold night. now, with the sun we are warming up into the 60s. low 70s in the antioch with 61
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in sunnyvale. 24 hours ago we were a little bit warmer. with the clear sky overnight. some of that cooling helped to drop the temperatures in the north bay and so we'll be recovering sneisly today with a lot of sunshine. still clouds left on the peninsula, south bay. warmer day today and even warmer tomorrow. enjoy it because by tuesday and wednesday, not only do we have more low clouds and fog, mist and drizzle headed our way. here the visible picture right now. check out the clouds on the peninsula and south bay. because of this, the numbers are held down a little bit but with that drier air moving in, the sun warming up the atmosphere we'll be looking at a nice day today. high is off shore and as it builds, north wind has been stacking the clouds around santa cruz this morning. that, too, will gave way to more sunshine. winds building in the sierra,
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nevada. we've got gusty winds up to 35 miles an hour. relative humidity here, quite low. fire danger concern for sure today and tomorrow even though the temperatures aren't that warm at lake tahoe. warmer in the southern sierra. of in monterey and with the winds building tonight in to tomorrow, not too much of a factor because we're going to go in the other direction and bring more moisture and low clouds and fog on tuesday. just enjoy a nice day, 85 in san jose. 79 in redwood city. 60s in pacifica. san francisco topping out at 70. in the north bay, look for numbers in the mid and upper 80s today. nice afternoon. in fact kind of warm here as we head towards clearlake. 70s oakland. low 80s in union city and fremont and aul out over the
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hills, the 90s. another day of warm afternoon in livermore, 92 for you, 91 in pleasanton and the fog is pretty dense. that will lift and mid-70s in watsonville and in santa cruz today. maybe the last gasp of summer but hopefully not. on the calendar, we have the first day of fall, mid-september but after a heat wave goes away on monday. >> you were telling me, september 22nd or something like that is fall. >> yes, we still have a lot more summer. >> the niners and raiders open the regular season next sunday. this weekend looks dedicated to college ball with cal and stanford at home. cardinals opened against sacramento state. here is shu with the highlights. >> good morning.
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andrew shows he is the real deal as he man handles sacramento state. first quarter, sanford up 7-0. hornets secondary, makes a great move after the catch. 81 yards on the score. 14-0 cardinals. sacramento state wasn't a complete pushover. he fails the punt and he is gone. 70 yards for it. all of a sudden it's 14-7 ballgame. in the second, 31-7 stanford. just before the half, lester baldwin on. he roll in the opener, 62-17. >> we had a good first half
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performance. we didn't do so hot in the second half. cal hosting u.c. davis and they can't be stopped led by quarterback and new kid on the block keenum allen. this is the only time they didn't score. bears on the move. kelly pumps and finds him wide open. cal takes a 7-0 lead. in the second 14 yards. he threw for 258 yards, 14-0 bears. keenum allen, he passes it and he looks like he will be a special player. 18 yards for the first touchdown. the rout was on.
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still in the second, he dances his way from eight yards out. two tds. they had 35-0 at the half. >> turns on the jets, 48-yard touchdown. are you kidding me? the bears are 1-0 with a victory. >> before the game, we went through a lot of stuff in the whole season. giants down in l.a. facing the dodgers, before the game the padres had lost so they spot them the lead they refuse to lose with a ninth inning rally for the win. matt cain for the giants. 3-1 blast and dodgers take the 4-0 lead. posey breaks through and soaring
9:26 am
blast into the seventh. in the eighth, todd follows with a home run on his own. his 13th, now it's 4-3 dodgers. head to the ninth with one out. juan uribe, completes the blast. giants take the lead 5-4 and brian wilson with runners on the corners will get out of a jam in the ninth for a 39th save. giants are now just two back of the padres in the west after the 5-4 victory. >> trevor cahill backs winner as he shuts down the angels. bottom of the 2, two out r.b.i. single, one scores and 2-0 a's. he strikes auto four. lowering his era to 2.72, a's
9:27 am
knock them off 3-1. u.s. open including roger federer was a mackey. we'll see you again at 5:00. have a great day. >> overcrowd inning one marin county school district pushes students out of their neighborhood schools. and san francisco's muni workers losing a big bonus for the most powerful half-ton crew in america has a powertrain backed for 100,000 miles. chevy silverado half-ton a consumers digest best buy and the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road.
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now get 0% apr for 72 months on 2010 silverado half-ton models with an average finance savings around $5,800.
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welcome back. novato schools have a problem that most districts would like to have, too many kids. overenrollment means more money from the state and it also means that many students have to switch schools. lyanne melendez explains, a lot of parents are angry.
9:30 am
>> when teri moved back to novato she knew exactly where she wanted to live. >> i chose to buy a house because it had a school that i wanted my daughter to go to. >> on august 23, she started third grade at olive elementary only told days later they were overenrolled. they have signed her to another school but she is fighting the transfer. >> i know when i registered her i was very clear that my daughter has special issues that if they were going to do this, they needed to do it then and not after she started school. >> it's not the district's fault that more families decided to go to novato. there are always families that sign up late. once school begins, the district has ten days to shuffle students around. >> its difficult thing to have to do, for us, from the
9:31 am
district's perspective as well. we do provide transportation where they need to go. as soon as a spot comes up we send them back. >> in the meantime, they have hired through new teachers and they need more. novato is one of few remaining districts with a 21-1 student ratio. >> the kids get a fabulous start and attention they need. >> because they have agreed to keep the 20-1 ratio, the state demands it doesn't go over that number. if it does, it faces a penalty of a thousand dollars for every extra student. >> some districts pay the penalty in order to allow one or two more students in the classrooms but novato is trying to keep them intact. in the meantime, moran is not the only parent doing battle with the district. other parents hope their appeals will be heard.
9:32 am
in san francisco muni drivers and thousands of other city employees are about to lose a longstanding perk, free parking. that is a change hitting muni operators particularly hard. some of them see as pay back by refusing to taipei cuts. >> they say this bike will now become his mode of transportation. muni employees have been able to park their cars for free on a first come, first served basis at all the mini bus yards for as long as anyone can remember. starting in december they'll have to pay $960 a year. >> i have two cars and it puts a big hit on me. so a bicycle. >> it amounts to one-third of 5.7% raise mandated by city law that operators recently received. transport workers has a labor union that refused the mayor's request for wage concessions,
9:33 am
meaning for drivers it's pay back. >> yes, it is. it has to be. >> the transit agency says not true. >> this isn't about pay back, this is about ways the improve service to customers. >> and in addition to charging with parking muni is changing work rules, including union reps back behind the wheel. the union says they might take legal action but acting president says he needs to know more what he calls the blueprint for the new policy. >> what dough have in mind. if you don't have a real plan to accommodate us, then it will be a problem. >> in february, longstanding parking perks will be taken away from thousands of other city employees who have special permits around city hall or a designated spaces diploma this
9:34 am
is not exclusive to. we are asking all employees to pay for their parking. >> i would refuse to pay for park to go come to my job. >> the parking isn't going away, they just have to pay. one more note, there is an anonymous flyer calling for a sickout later this month. union leaders say they are not behind it. they don't endorse a sickout and transit agency it expects the vast majority of operators will not participate. >> former hewlett-packard mark hurd is in talks that could land him a post in oracle. "wall street journal" is quoting unnamed sources that larry ellison is interested in finding a spot for hurd.
9:35 am
hurd re-signed from hp after sexual allegations. larry ellison -- >> while the niners preparing for next n.f.l. season opener, team management is focusing on moving forward with plans to build the new stadium in santa clara. on wednesday, santa clara city officials are expected to approve zoning changes needed to build the stadium next to the great america theme park. design plans for the $937 million facility are also expected to be approved. santa clara voters okayed the deal back in june. now city leaders need to finalize all the details so they can start lining up finance for construction. if all goes as plans, the team would open their 2014 season in the south bay. >> meteorologist lisa argen is here now to give you the preview of what is ahead weather wise.
9:36 am
>> it was a chilly morning but we're rebounding into the low 60s in the east bay. from emeryville, haze out there. patchy fog around the bay but that won't last. we're going to be warmer for the next couple of days. i'll have the forecast coming up next. >> also ahead, it's on the fastrak, incredible steps being taken to make the golden gate taken to make the golden gate state the worldwide i've got power pain can't mess with. (announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. don't mess around with pain. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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welcome back everyone. good morning to you. happy labor day weekend, is 9:38. this a live look from vollmer peak toward mount diablo. highs day on tap and we're glad you are starting off the mornings with us. >> a little abet of fog there.
9:39 am
the atmosphere is going to get drier and warmer in the days ahead. view from mount tam right now, there is some fog, a little bit of out. it sort of sitting in the lower valleys of napa and step down toward the monterey bay, temperatures this morning, they were very cool early on. now we've gone to lower to mid-60s, even low 70s in antioch. 62 in livermore. 72 in los gatos and cool numbers at our coast. we have a breach warmup for the next couple of days. clouds are hanging along the san mateo coast. they were around the south bay but warmer weather in the forecast today. we have a pretty strong trough that is going to move on in here the middle of the week that is going to bring us low clouds and cooler weather. mist and drizzle am and in the northern mountains, we're going to put showers in their forecast for the middle of the week. here is the fog.
9:40 am
you see it kind of sitting here around the bay. north bay is clear and we'll be looking at the trend for the higher pressure that is off shore now to build into the state. that is going to bring the mild weather and the northerly winds. as it continues to build we have to worry a little bit about a northeasterly flow. in the higher elevations tomorrow we'll he is the offshore flow. today it's windy in the sierra, nevada. low to mid 90s in sacramento. a break in the heat with mid 90s in yosemite. trend will be for cooler weather in the southern sierra and south land, not bad, 85. >> warmer weather, 70 and warmer again for labor day. breezy here on the peninsula as temperatures climbing to the 60s through the millbrae art and wine festival. terrific day if you have any outdoor plans. from the low 80s in sunnyvale to
9:41 am
895 in san jose and upper 80s as you hit the hills in los gatos. a lot of sunshine here. it will be breezy. 67 in half moon bay. 79 in redwood city. five degrees of warming today in san francisco for a high of 70. so the clouds have dissipated early in san francisco as well as the north bay. that is what happens when you have the north wind at lower levels. 87 in so sonoma and what you expect for early september. castro valley hitting 80 today and out over the hills, low 90s for danville and pleasanton. 90 in morgan hill feels just about right with the fog still kind of dense there in monterey and watsonville. that should be swept out and look for a couple of warm days and couple of really cool days, especially wednesday. that will be the coolest day of the week. a of that we begin to recover,
9:42 am
thursday, friday and saturday. into the low 80s inland but that is still cool for this time 6 the year. >> and even some drizzle. despite last month's federal court ruling that bars embryonic stem cell research, california is on the promising scientific frontier. it starred with a proposition back in 2004 a milestone that marked the coming explosion of stem cell eastbound nothing. in this report, dan ashley takes a closer look at two major research facilities set to open this year. is stanford surgeon says he sees a day when stroke victims will be healed. >> our lab is investigating strategies to recover function after a stroke by basically
9:43 am
regenerating the brain tissue. >> he found that mice that suffered strokes regenerated brain tissue after being injected with settlement cells. >> if you put in the stem cells a week after induce ago stroke in a rodent mammal that they recover behavior. >> his research shows financial promise for human patients. his findings were made possible by a. an agency created by voters in 2004 to supply $3 billion for stem cell research over ten years. >> we received a very large grant for $20 million. that kind of funding is not available from conditional sources. >> alan is president of center. >> the basic work is progressing very well. >> funding was held up in the courts for three years and religious groups fought it. since then, they have doled out
9:44 am
more than a billion dollars to university and researchers all over state. >> making the gold state the leader in stem cell studies. >> here in california, there is massive amount of energy that in total as large as the rest of the world. >> of the nine research centers scheduled to open, two of the largest are in the behavior, stanford and u.c. san francisco. they were attracting stem cell researchers from around the globe to work side by side in labs. emphasis is on sharing research between labs, between institutions. >> the blending of them together even across institutions is necessary. also to pull the best scientists together. if you don't do that you will be delayed. >> stanford university's research building will open in october. it on received more than $43 million from the state, an additional 75 amendment was chipped in by a private donor.
9:45 am
resulting building will be the largest facility in the nation dedicated to stem cell research. ucsf was granted $35 million from the center for its lab, perched on a hillside behind the campus hospital. private donors chipped in another $41 million to get it finished. the doctor heads up the stem cell program at the university. >> this space will have labtsz that will be working all the way from very basic biology of stem cells to cutting edge clinical work and the actual movement of ideas and concepts from the bench to the bedside. >> this building will be home to 25 leading scientists. each lab is connected to the next to encourage scientists to share ideas. the doctor says he never would have imagined stem cell research would have moved forward so quickly but he is more optimistic than ever that cures
9:46 am
will be found thanks to funding from the state. >> it mirrors the pace of activity in the science, things have been moving extremely fast, just a year or two ago it was inconceivable that we could make stem cell lines that came from patient specific diseases and now it is routine. >> u.c. berkeley and age ips institute have been the recipients of significant grants. >> coming up a woman's alliance bills keeps coming even after she cancelled the order. >> ...berber carpet. it was a whole bowl of stew. nooo. why? i could have saved this one. i could have saved this one. ♪ call 1-800-steemer $ñ$ñ$ñ$ñ$ñt
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welcome back. time right now, 9:49. hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend. this is a live look from the sutro cam. you can see the city looking like the jewel it is. we'll have one important check of the accu-weather forecast for san francisco and the entire bay area coming up. when you cancel an order the last thing you expect to get billed for it. but that is what happened to a santa rosa family until they called 7 on your side. they went to sears outlet in hay barred ward back in september of last year. she bought a refrigerator, disher and a range but changed her mind the very next day are
9:50 am
eight days before scheduled delivery. >> i thought the order was cancelled but i received a bill for the amount. >> they gave her a credit for the refrigerator but left charges for the dishwasher and range. the store said they were supposed to be delivered from a warehouse. >> they ais give us a couple of days. we need to get in touch with the warehouse and see if it has left the warehouse. >> two months went by when the dishwasher was removed but they insisted on charging for the range. >> they didn't know if the merchandise left the warehouse or they knew that there is a bill that i haven't paid. >> in all, series would send her seven bills for merchandise she cancelled and said she never received. >> i called every month. i e-mailed. i called every month and they kept on -- as i said every time
9:51 am
i talked to somebody, they say they will find the problem and follow up and they never do. >> they contacted with us and we contacted sears. two days later it promised her a credit. finally in july, the bill was corrected. >> i was relieved. i was relieved. thank god. >> sears blames the problem on system glitch but declined to elaborate any more than that. still ahead. george clean any movie that is not what you think. don sanchez reviews the american on the aisle. ú ú ú ú úñiñiñiñit
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9:54 am
>> here are the winning numbers from last night's super lotto plus game. mega number was 23. nobody picked all six numbers correctly so wednesday night's jackpot jumps to an estimated $13 million. >> a film that is getting a lot of buzz is not the action flick the previews would lead you to believe. the american, starring george clooney is more dark and introspect active. don sanchez has his review on the aisle. >> it begins in 3-d... now
9:55 am
forget about what you are seen. we're never told you who she is but someone is after him. >> is that guy a face you can trust? he lives a shadowy world. he settles in an italian village. he tries to escape history. his assignment is making an assault rifle for a woman. how will she use it? but he is attracted to the prostitute clara. she spends considerable time out of costume. >> despite what you've seen this is not an action filled thriller. it's bleak, it moves slowly. lots of scenes and contemplation
9:56 am
and minimal dialogue. at first i was put off by the pace of the film then i realized its throw back to the european films of the 60s and 70s, new wave and all of that. sometimes the scenes make no sense, it's an art film. initial impression, what is this? but the images are still sticking with me, this shot a film for everybody, but i'll have to give it three-quarters of a bucket. we'll see you on the aisle. >> today is the second day the final day or is it not, maybe monday. annual sausalito art festival continues through tomorrow. they aren't sure they are match last year's growth in attendance because it's been on the chilly side. some artists tell the marin independent journal they are pleased with first day sales despite windy and cooler temperatures yesterday. today, pablo cruise krause and
9:57 am
tubes and dave mason are performing and the weather should be pretty nice. >> it will be much warmer than yesterday, 70 for a high there. 78 tomorrow. millbrae art and wine festival wraps you were today, that will be 68. breezy conditions. got important 70s across the bay with low 90s and gilroy, 86 in holster. we're coming up today about five degrees, another five tomorrow and in some spots, coolest day will be wednesday when temperatures go way down and looks like we should try to recover by the end of next week. >> that is going to do it for us. i'm carolyn tyler, with lisa argen. have a great sunday.
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